1. Launch the product via 1-Click.
  2. Use ssh to login using your EC2 keypair that you setup the instance with.
  3. Sign in using the following username: ubuntu
  4. An example to connect to the instance will be `ssh -i key.private ubuntu@ip`

Additional Notes:

  • All keys are stored within your home directory at /home/ubuntu within the .ssh directory.
  • You are responsible for rotating your ssh keys on a regular basis. To perform this 1. Copy the ssh key into the machine using your old key scp -i sshkey ubuntu@ip:~/.ssh/authorized_keys 2. Now use the new key to login with ssh
  • As the image is provided as is it is up to you to launch the configuration with encryption enabled.
  • root can only be accessed via sudo.

Professional Support

opsZero offers pre-sales, installation and support services for this product. For more information on these services or any other questions, please email us at, with the subject line "Nixtune Support".